Travel Essentials – InCase Sports Armband

This travel essential is for iPhone and iPod touch users … and given that a quick look around almost any flight will reveal that there are more iPods/iPhones than screaming kids, frequent fliers and Federal Air Marshals … I figured I should add this info the Essentials List.

As an iPhone users I do not walk around with my iPhone in an Armband, I use a belt holster, and I’m not exactly what you’d call a jogger (no one who has known me for more then 10 seconds of my adult life would describe me as a jogger)… but using an armband while flying with your iPhone/iPod is a great way to keep yourself untangled, not have your iPhone/iPod slip and access your iPhone/iPod quickly and easily.

Anyone who has ever sat in a cramped airline seat with their iPhone/iPod has experienced ‘wire tangle.’ You sit down, put your headsets on, you put your seat belt on and all of a sudden your headsets are tangled in the seat belt. When you need to get up your headsets are tangled on the armrest … sitting in a seat with in-seat power? One more cord to get tangled in.

Aside from tangling up wires, my biggest frustration with the iPod/iPhone is what to do with it. Place it on my leg, it slides off. Put it in a pocket, then I need to dig for it. On the arm rest, nope I it won’t stay there. On the tray? Then the tray needs to be opened up.

My solution to flying with the iPhone/iPod has been the InCase Sports Armband Pro (although I’m pretty sure the amateur version would wok for me).

The InCase Sports Armband is designed for running, biking, etc, and allows you to place your iPhone/iPod up on you arm, out of the way. By keeping you iPhone/iPod on you shoulder you are able to tuck your headset wire into the Velcro armband, move freely without any tangling of wires and easily access your iPhone/iPod at all times.

I find the InCase Sports Armband useful while changing planes as well, no need to fumble with my iPhone while packing up at the end of the flight. I can put my sweatshirt or jacket on over the armband, the wire runs up my sleeve and I can listen to my music while waking through the terminal.

Best of all…the InCase Sports Armband is ideal for sleeping on the plane. One of the most irritating experiences on a flight is turning your head and moving your headsets due to a snagged wire. Falling asleep is hard enough and being woken up by your headsets sliding off is no fun.

So for all your iPhone/iPod Touch users … consider adding the InCase Sports Armband Pro to your travel kit.

Below is a photo of my iPhone in my InCase Sports Armband on my sleeve.

Happy Flying!

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