Support Flying With Fish With A Sticker…you know you want one…

You know that empty spot on your travel case, side of your laptop, front of your refrigerator … you know that spot I’m talking about, the spot that when you look at it you think “You know what would be great right here? A Flying With Fish Euro sticker!”

Well…if you’ve had that thought about needing a Flying Wit Fish sticker then you’re in luck!

If you find the information on Flying With Fish helpful and would like to help support the on going efforts of Flying With Fish to educate travelers, traveling photographers, traveling iPhone users, working to effect a change in airport security policy, and the many other topics Flying With Fish covers please purchase a sticker with the Flying With Fish mascot.

The Flying With Fish Euro sticker is a durable vinyl material with the logo screened on with UV fade resistant ink and measures 3 3/4″ x 5 3/4″

I plan on continuing to build Flying With Fish as a complete free source of information for travelers, answering reader questions (yes, I get back logged sometimes, sorry about that) and working to make travel easier and less stressful for flyers for a long time to come and reader support is very much appreciated.

So…want a sticker or six? I know you do! Click on the “Support Flying With Fish” icon in the upper right hand corner of the blog.

Below is a graphic of the Flying With Fish Euro sticker featuring “Herman” the Flying With Fish mascot and a shot of the sticker on my Pelican 1514 case.

Thanks for all your support folks and Happy Flying!


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