iPhone App of the Week : Take Me To My Car

An often under rated feature of the iPhone is its mapping capabilities. Sure lots of folks use it for the GPS while driving and the auto-locate when using some apps, but how about just figuring out where your car is?

Being on the road in an unfamiliar city has unique challenges; one of these challenges should not be forgetting where you parked your car. Losing your car happens quite often, especially a rental car because you forget what your rental car looks like. This week’s iPhone App of the Week helps reduce the frustration of forgetting where you’ve parked your car.

This week’s iPhone App of the Week is Take Me To My Car.

Take Me To My Car works in a very simple manner, when you park your car you start the App, click to choose your start location then go out and walk around town. Once you’re done wandering and need to find your car, restart the Take Me To My Car app and the app creates an easy to follow walking map leading you back to your car.

Personally I have found the Take Me To My Car app useful not only in cities I don’t know, but also I do know when flat out forgetting where I parked my car.

The price tag for Take Me To My Car? FREE

Below are six screen shots of Take Me To My Car from my iPhone.

Happy Flying!


  1. Like I can afford dinner at Al Forno … I’m more of a Hole In The Wall on Thayer Street kind of guy.

    Happy Flying!

    – Fish

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