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Over the past few months I have been using this week’s iPhone App of the Week to try and learn new languages (who am I kidding … I speak one language … although some may argue that I have not mastered English yet).   Having used many language Apps on my iPhone, and having written about a few as iPhone Apps of the Week I can safely say that this week’s iPhone App of the Week is the best I have used for trying to learn the basics of a new language.

The week’s iPhone App of the Week is uTalk, by EuroTalk.

uTalk is unique in that it is designed to teach the basics rather than everything. The iPhone Apps come loaded with approximately 275 words and phrases that travelers are most likely to use. To teach the language the uTalk interface is interactive. When users click on a word or phrase they want to learn the word is shown their native language (this app is not only for English language users which is fantastic), the foreign language they are learning, as well as giving users the option to hear the word spoken … then allows the users to record their own voice repeating the word or phrase and listen to themselves back.

Hearing yourself repeat a word or phrase in comparison to directly hearing it from a native speaker is a wonderful for tool for pronouncing words and phrases correctly.

So what exactly does uTalk teach users that are ‘the basics?’ Basic words and phrases for greetings, eating, shopping, numbers, colours, and body parts. These words and phrases are taught through word practice and word games. Games come in three levels and are a great language building exercise.  Not that I have mastered any language skills … but I do know when my skills have improved … and uTalk has helped my language skills improve.

uTalk is presently available for more than 75 languages. I have been using French, German and Japanese

If you want a great language tool for learning a new language or just managing to communicate on the road then take a look at this week’s iPhone App of the Week uTalk from EuroTalk.

Below are 12 screen shots of uTalk on my iPhone.

Happy Flying!

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