The Crew Lounge: A Podcast For Airline Travellers, sort of

Ever wonder what flight attendants really think about passengers? Curious what they think about other flight attendants? Just interested in the flight attendant lifestyle? Have I got a weekly podcast for you … The Crew Lounge.

The Crew Lounges’ hosts are veteran flight attendants Sara, author of and Bobby, author of, two flight attendant blogs I read on a regular basis…and Sara has guest blogged for Flying With Fish twice in the past.

While The Crew Lounge has only been around for 10 episodes, it has become something I’ve been sure to listen to every week. The topics discussed are diverse, entertaining, educational and sure to keep you coming back each week. Sara and Bobby have a developed of a unique style of discussing industry news and interacting with their guests … who so far have all been equally entertaining.

You can listen to The Crew Lounge on as find them on Twitter at @TheCrewLounge

Fire up the iTunes, download The Crew Lounge podcasts and listen to their latest episode …

Happy Flying!

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