Follow Up : Hard Numbers vs Unite The Union’s British Airways Strike Numbers

This blog entry is a quick update of this post earlier today – Once Again Unite The Union Gets The Facts Wrong Regarding The British Airways Strike

This update is a break down of some of Unite The Union’s statements now with hard numbers compiled independently of Unite The Union and British Airways. British Airways will not release any hard numbers at this time, so finding the information took a bit longer than I had hoped to verify and get up on Flying With Fish.

In yesterday’s press release Unite The Union stated the following as fact for Sunday, 21-March.

Unite numbers – 140 planes now parked up at Heathrow

Real numbers – Approximately 38 planes are parked at London Heathrow. These 38 planes do not account for approximately 20 planes parked at Heathrow for maintenance purposes, as British Airways operates a maintenance base at the airport.  A further 20 planes are currently parked at London Gatwick due to strike schedule adjustments as well.

Unite numbers – Only nine crew turned up for work today out of 1,100 (Unite also sent a text message to all BA cabin crew members stating that 26 crew members had turned up for duty)

Real numbers – Approximately 885 British Airways Cabin Crew members arrived at work for duty on Sunday.

Unite The Union release – Only nine Heathrow flights have gone with passengers with a total of 207 passengers flown.

Real numbers – Approximately 48,000 passengers flew with British Airways yesterday

I hope Unite The Union’s members take a look at this information and question their Union. A Union is there to serve and further the interests of its members. Unite The Union appears to only be damaging its public image, which in turn damages its future credibility in representing its members.

Happy Flying!


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