iPhone App of the Week : AccuTip Free

Math just isn’t my strong suit most days; in fact I’m pretty sure the calculator was invested for me at times.

On the road, at home, out for dinner by your self or dinning with a group of colleagues figuring out a tip should be quick and simple.  This week’s iPhone App of the Week addresses quick solutions to calculating a tip…

…this week’s iPhone App of the Week if AccuTip Free.

AccuTip Free is a simple interface that allows users to quickly determine a proper tip with a variety of factors. Users can chose a values for tip percentage, as well as number of guests at the meal by using a ‘slider’ on the lower portion of the screen.

The breakdown of information provided by AccuTip Free shows users the total with the tip, percent of tip and tip total by itself.   If you are out dining with friends AccuTip Free also allows you to choose the number of guests, then breaks down the amount needed or each person to chip in for the tip, eliminating the arguing over who owes what at the end of the meal.

Below are six screen shots of AccuTip Free fro my iPhone *pay close attention to the position of the sliders in each of the photos and how it correlates the changing numbers that are displayed*

Happy Flying!

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