Japan’s Rival Airlines Ranked Top Two On-Time Airlines

Japan’s two global airlines, Japan Airlines (JAL) and All Nippon Airways (ANA) battle for dominance day in and day out for passengers and superiority on international routes and domestic traffic…so it should be no surprise that the two top airlines in global on-time performance for the previous year are these two airlines.

In Japan the vast majority of time trains run on time, buses run on time and now it seems airplanes run on time as well.

Japan Airlines take the top position for airline on-time performance at 90.95% of its 216,478 flights its 2009 flight arriving on time.

Japan Airlines’ competitor All Nippon Airways ranks number two for airline on-time performance with 90.37% of its 130,852 flights in 2009 arriving on time.

So…next time you absolutely, positively, have to be somewhere on time … make sure you’re doing business in Japan …

Happy Flying!


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