Can Airports Improve Efficiency Through Faster Vehicles? Maybe So

With airports getting back to their normal schedules following a volcanic ash cloud covering much of Europe this month airlines and airports are looking for ways to increase their productivity.

As we all know airport vehicles tend to be large, slow and not very nimble. While reading about airports working to increase efficiency to move large numbers of passengers as soon as the skies over Europe opened up again I was reminded of an episode of the BBC’s Top Gear.

Top Gear is a popular British show primarily about cars. While I am not a ‘car person’ by any means I enjoy the show for its outstanding cinematography and the off the wall humour of its trio of hosts.

…so what does Top Gear have to do with airport efficiency? Back in the summer of 2009 Top Gear presented a fantastic race among airport vehicles, including a ramp tug, baggage tractor, fire truck, bendy-bus and other vehicles you’d not expect to see traveling at a high rate of speed.

So for some humor and a suggestion on ways airports may speed of the process, below is a clip of Top Gear’s airport vehicle racing.

Happy Flying!

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