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One of the easiest ways to get around most major cities is the subway. If you’re like millions of travelers out there you’re a subway snob … I admit it, I am a subway snob. Subway vs Bus, subway wins each every time. One of the first rules of traveling the subway seems to be “Don’t look at the map,” which can be problematic in cities you are unfamiliar with.   This week’s iPhone App of the Week is ideal for all travelers, especially those that prefer the subway.

This week’s iPhone App of the Week is All Subway.

On the surface All Subway is not a fancy app, it’s a utility app for travelers. The basic utility nature if All Subway is precisely what makes this app so fancy.   All Subway gives users quick full access to subway maps for more than 100 cites around the world.

As international roaming fees can be expensive, and reliable mobile service in a subway is non-existent, users can access all aspects of this apps subway map features without an internet connection.

Landed and London’s Heathrow Airport, unfamiliar with the London Tube and need to travel to Baker Street? No problem, the detailed map of the London Underground quickly and easily zooms by pinching or pushing your fingers across your iPhone screen.

Each map for the more than 100 cities is a direct duplicate of the official subway maps from each transit system. The use of official maps makes referencing yourself an your destination quite easy while on the road in an unfamiliar city … and its even quite handy in cities you do know.

All Subway is an absolute bargain compared to the vast majority of subway apps, and is available in the iTunes Store for US$0.99

Below are six screen shots of All Subway from my iPhone.

Happy Flying! (umm … or happy rolling in this case I guess)


  1. MetrO no workee on iPhone? MetrO not only delivers off line maps but also gives you the best connection “from here to there” on subway and other forms of mass transit/public transportation in cities all over the world. I’ve been a great fan of MetrO since the Palm PDA.

  2. BadBatz,

    I wrote about MetrO for both the iPhone and Blackberry (I have it on both my iPhone and Blackberry) back in October 2009 as my App of the Week here – http://bit.ly/4nDXey

    MetrO is great as you can download whole cities to your device, then use it offline to navigate your travel. MetrO however does not provide full visual subway map. These Apps, in my eyes, are complimentary, not competing .

    Happy Flying!


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