iPhone App of the Week : Virgin Atlantic Jet Lag Fighter

Jet lag … no one likes it. The human body clock is easy to throw out of whack when traveling across multiple time zones and waking up around the same time you should be going to sleep. For many travelers, experienced and inexperienced, jet lag can be brutal, and it catches up with even the most experienced flyers.

This week’s iPhone App of the Week offers unique solutions and information regarding jet lag, and while it is only a day old, after a day of playing with this App, it is this week’s app of the week.

This week’s iPhone App of the Week is Virgin Atlantic’s Jet Lag Fighter.

Jet Lag Fighter is unique in that it addresses both Light Exposure and Sleep Adjustment for travelers, all travellers, not just Virgin Atlantic travelers.  The Light Exposure setting lets travelers know when they should expose themselves to light, or avoid light, to let their body adjust to jet lag.  The sleep adjustment information gives travelers information on how to adjust their sleep prior to travel and during travel.   All the information on Light Exposure and Sleep Adjustment is based upon travelers entering their travel information and some information about themselves, such as health, age, usual sleep time, usual wake up time

Jet Lag Fighter also creates a real-time graph of predicted adjustment to jet lag for the time during jet lag, and time following the initial jet lag.  To assist travelers in being more productive during their jet lag period, Jet Lag Fighter also includes a daily activity calendar.

To learn more about jet lag, the Jet Lag Fighter App even includes audio content from Dr. Chris Idzikowski, the Director at Edinburgh Sleep Centre, as well as a multi-media guide to jet lag. The guide to jet lag is quite interesting, even for those familiar with the effects of jet lag.

While Jet Lag Fighter may not be effective for one-day trips crossing the ocean, this app is ideal for most international travel.   At $1.99 in the iTunes Store, you’re sure to find this App as a valuable tool as you span the globe.

Below are 12 screen shots of Virgin Atlantic’s Jet Lag Fighter from my iPhone.

Happy Flying!


  1. Jet lag needs a new conversation and it’s one based around health and flexibility. Jet lag is more than body clock dysynchronization and the sooner people understand it the sooner we all get off the Melatonin and Ambien trip!

    These gadgets just don’t scratch the surface of the real challenges with jet lag. This and others like it take a superficial view of what jet lag is – yes if you fly infrequently you can afford the luxury of a flippant approach BUT if you fly often you need something more robust, flexible and vitality enhancing. I love gadgets as much as the next man but when it comes to jet lag it is a serious matter (as it should be for any frequent flier).

    This app is a collection of interesting data points and impractical routines for fliers who need solutions not all singing and dancing apps. There are better apps in the app store that add real value for fliers.

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