iPhone App of the Week : FlightCaster

Determining if your flight will depart or arrive on time is a constant concern for travelers. Information allows travelers to make educated decisions and this week’s iPhone App of the Week puts vital information into the hands of travels.

This week’s iPhone App of the Week is FlightCaster.

FlightCaster is a unique iPhone app that it allows flyers to view the on-time/delay statistics for specific flights. The available statistics allow travelers to not only estimate if their flight will be delayed, but they may also use this information in the booking process to determine what flights they’d like to consider.

Using Push-Data, FlightCaster can send travelers updated information regarding their flight, which is particularly handy when in transit.

Going flying? Invest the US$1.99 in FlightCaster, you won’t be sorry.

Below are ten screen shots of FlightCaster from my iPhone.

Happy Flying!

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