iPad App of the Week : Kayak Flights

Since I first began using the iPad two weeks ago I found a void in truly effective Apps for taking full advantage of the iPad’s potential for booking flights and making travel arrangements on the run. Repurposed iPhone Apps work this same way they would on an iPhone, which is limiting and misses the potential available in utilizing the screen real-estate and power of the iPad.

This week’s iPad App of the week is the first travel booking engine App that is purpose built for the iPad … this week’s iPad App of the Week is Kayak Flights.

Kayak Flights is a highly functional and customizable version of the popular Kayak airline booking engine website, designed to be utilized as a stand-alone iPad App.  While the Kayak iPhone App is not particularly impressive, the iPad App is currently unrivaled.

The Kayak Flights iPad App allows users to not only quickly search flights, but also customize their search by selecting and deselecting airline and using a slider-tool to choose departure and arrival times.

Kayak Flights also allows users to link to a flight search or e-mail a flight search directly from the App, as well as offering users two handy icons in the upper left corner to launch to a car rental search or hotel room search.

While the functions of the Kayak Flights App are commonplace on a web-based flight-booking engine, they are not commonplace within many mobile booking Apps.

If nothing else, the user interface of the Kayak Flights is intuitive and easy to use while on the go, making it a valuable tool for travelers.

Below are 10 screen shots of Kayak Flights from my iPad.

Happy Flying!

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