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Within the community of airplane geeks, airline geeks, airport geeks, travel enthusiasts there are many subspecies of geeks. The most common species of airline and airport geeks are plane spotters and mileage runners. When it comes to subspecies of geeks, I’d probably fall into the niche of ‘airport sleeper aficionado’ … but today’s guest post comes from my fellow airport geek Ryan Levenick, creator of While I am not a drinker or bar hopper, I am a frequent airport eater. is a great source for finding places to eat, or drink, in airports throughout the United States. Reviews are slowly being added, but the site needs more contributors.  Do you like, eat at, or even detest, a certain airport restaurant or bar?  Check out (I even have an sticker on the back of my iPad).

…so without further delay, I leave today’s post in the capable hands of Ryan and

Happy Flying!

Airport concessions across the nation are improving in a dramatic fashion. It wasn’t that long ago that your options were about as appealing as the thought of going to the dentist.  This is not to say there aren’t still plenty of horrendous bars at your local airport, but some drastic changes are happening and for the better.   Gone are the days of overly bright formica-laden bars with awful music and bad service. Hello are the days of bars with local character, good service and style.

Travelers now have many options when it comes to enjoying a cocktail at the airport. And we all know that drinking at an airport bar is unlike drinking at a bar anywhere else in the world.  The wild conversations with complete strangers, the bartenders, the hour of the day, the solo drinking… it all goes on at airport bars and it usually provides the context for a good story when you reach your destination.   There is a subdued excitement in the air, whether for business or pleasure, people are traveling.  And whether you desire a cocktail to ease your nerves, to celebrate or just to kill time while waiting for the plane, one thing is certain, airport bars come in very handy regardless of your situation.

Depending on the size of the airport, you typically have a few options to choose from.  Due to limited time and potential expense, you want to make sure that you make the right choice when deciding where to saddle up.  With the help of rating services such as, not only do you have the opportunity to locate and decide which watering hole is going to be your best option, you also get to keep’em honest because if the service is bad, you can let the world know about it.

From sports bars to wine bars to craft beer paradises, you typically can find something that is just right for you.  Be sure to do a little research beforehand.  Read up on reviews and locations, and then go and embrace the airport bar experience.  There is no better way to take the edge off before heading up 35,000 feet.  Just don’t over-do it, nobody likes drunks on a plane.

The very concept of flying is surreal, and with the advent of the airport bar, flying can quickly become a spiritual experience.  Hopefully you will have the opportunity to experience this phenomena soon.


Ryan Levenick


  1. An airport bar is usually a better place to get breakfast than a fast food outlet. No long lines and you get to sit at your own table or booth.

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