iPhone App of the Month : 2010 World Cup South Africa

You read the headline correctly, this is the iPhone App of the Month … back in April my iPhone App of the Week was for the baseball fans … today’s iPhone App of the Month is the massive global base of ‘footie fans.’

The 2010 World Cup is upon us, and while Air France and Lufthansa are busy flying their new Airbus A380-800s down to Johannesburg, Open Skies is flying all business charters to South Africa and South African Airways is busy just trying to keep up with the massive increase in passenger traffic … I have spent the past three days testing out half-a-dozen iPhone Apps to track the World Cup, which started at June 11th and ends on July 11th.

Yes…testing out World Cup iPhone Apps is a rough job, but someone has to do it, and that brings us to the iPhone App of the Month (since the World Cup lasts one month).   This month’s iPhone App of the Month is 2010 World Cup South Africa.

While there are a number of free World Cup Apps, after three days of using various apps, I settled on an app that currently sells for US$0.99 in the iTunes store…and let me tell you why.

The 2010 World Cup South Africa iPhone App is not only a highly customizable App, with push-notification options, but the App is also very stable.  The App offers something for all users.   One feature I found very useful was the ability to use the 2010 World Cup South Africa App is my local time-zone, rather than the South African time-zone.

For most users the live match information will be the primary area of interest. The live detail is well … extremely detailed. I can’t think of a piece of statistical information that is missing. This detail includes play-by-play data, as well as information on shots on goal, penalty kicks, interceptions, blocks, goals, assists, etc etc.

When not watching information from your specific match, you can browse a wide range of World Cup news stories, view video press conferences and check out live match scores with commentator commentary.

The background information for each team is quite entertaining as well. I like being able to read player profiles for each team as well as check out the stadium information.

…and of course the 2010 World Cup South Africa app allows you to check out group standings, overall standings and the leader board for the overall World Cup view.

You can spend an hour playing with the App finding new features, or just use the basic information … but if you’re following the World Cup, even casually, the 2010 World Cup South Africa app is for you.

Below are sixteen screen shots of the 2010 World Cup South Africa app from my iPhone, shot during the USA vs England match on Saturday.

Happy Flying … and U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!

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