Happy Birthday To Southwest Airlines & Your Lunch Boxes Lasted the School Year!

Back in August of last year my son Max was about to enter Kindergarten, all excited to enter Kindergarten Max really wanted to use my old and tattered Southwest Airlines…which was in no shape to be a kindergarteners lunch box.

How was this resolved? Well an off handed commented to some folks at Southwest Airlines regarding my lunch box dilemma resulted in two brand new, limited edition, old school, metal lunch boxes arrived at my door for Max and his little brother Bubba.

Normally lunch boxes last a few months and are forgotten, especially metal ones that dent … but today, being the last day of the school year for my kids … I am happy to say that both lunch boxes survived completely intact after a full school year.

I really can’t express to Christi Day at Southwest Airlines how excited Max was to open the package you sent him last August and today, he put it back up in the closet so he can use it next year.

How does this tie into Southwest Airlines’ Birthday? Well let me tell you … Southwest is an airline that loves it passengers and in turn most of their passengers love them back.   What more could anyone want on their birthday than to be loved … and my kids love Southwest Airlines for their lunch boxes!

So since Southwest Airlines and I share a birthday (yup, both SWA & myself were hatched on the 18th of June) let me wish you a Happy Birthday …. and Many More!

Below is a photo of the two lunch boxes, which I wrote about here … and here … as they appeared this afternoon after coming home from the last day of the school year.

Happy Flying!

(PS: My daughter Lauren happens to share her birthday with Delta Air Lines, 17-June … I swear I did not plan my birthday or my kid’s birthday around airline birthdays)



  1. Happy Birthday to One and All!

    OK…I love the “Remove Before Flight” tags; I have one too, from a museum. I would love a full size one from a aircraft.

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