A Big Thank You To The US Airways Club Bar Tender at PHL!

Traveling while injured is never fun and I’ve been doing it since the end of March when I significantly injured my ankle, then broke my ankle, injured it again and in the process managed to tear a few ligaments along the way.

Yesterday my traveling schedule included hobbling through four flights, three airports and two trips through immigrations and customs, which was less than comfortable for my ankle. In a significant amount of pain I made my way to the US Airways Club, between Terminal B & C, at Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) between my third and fourth flight of the day to find some ice for my foot.  Upon entering the Club I walked up the bar and asked for a small bag of ice…which lead to some very odd looks from the bar tender. Once the bar tender at the US Airways Club understood why I wanted the ice he told me to go sit down and he’d bring me a bag of ice…

…and bring me a bag of ice he did!

I looked up to find the bar tender bringing me a large take out food sized plastic bag filled with ice for my foot. I looked at him a bit puzzled and questioned how I’d get that bag to stay on my ankle, and with that he told me he brought me a bag of ice big enough for me to place my entire foot in to bring the swelling down.

Honestly, this has to be one of the best experiences I have had in an airline lounge anywhere in the world. I have received outstanding service from various airline lounges, but this assistance from the US Airways Club bar tender went well above what I ever expected.

I wish I had taken the bar tender’s name, but even without his name, I’d like to publicly thank the Bar Tender at the US Airways Club, between the B & C Concourse at Philadelphia International Airport, who was on duty around 5:30pm yesterday, the 6th of July.

You Sir are an absolute credit to both US Airways and PHL and you really helped me out when I was in a lot of pain.  I sincerely hope someone at US Airways can get this message to you so you know how much I appreciated your help.

Normally I’d never suggest people take their shoes off in the airport, or airline lounges, for a wide variety of etiquette rules, but in this case I am glad someone told me to throw etiquette out the window and stick my foot in the bag of ice.

Below is a photo of my foot in the bag of ice … not that anyone wanted to see my foot in a bag of ice.


Happy Flying!



  1. As in these fora (? – forums) you tend to see airline bashinh, it is nice to see someone posting something positive. Even if it is for an airline club that I would never use.

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