The Farnborough Airshow…Its Disney World for Airplane People

I have the pleasure of spending this entire coming week in England bouncing between London and Farnborough while attending the Farnborough International Airshow.

The biennial Farnborough International Airshow, which alternates years with the Paris Air Show, is a major international air show where airlines, aircraft leasing companies, private operators and aircraft manufacturers often display their new aircraft, share their new concepts and announce purchasing orders. In 2008 US$88,700,000,000 worth of orders were announced, with a few hundred thousand visitors attending to buy planes, sell planes, watch the daily air shows, visit the aircraft parked aircraft displays and enjoy the fresh invigorating aroma of jet fuel in the air.

While I plan on enjoying my time at the Farnborough International Airshow I can look forward to a week of 6:00am meetings followed by a packed schedule of building a fluid social media strategy and developing content for Bombardier Aerospace

…so much like Disney World, in order to take in everything the Farnborough International Airshow has to offer, you need to start your day early, stay late and keep your eyes open.

I hope to find the time to keep Flying With Fish flying along while I am here … I am sure they’ll be plenty to write about!

Below is the first of my social media projects for Bombardier, a video of Gary Scott, President of Bombardier’s Commercial Aircraft discussing the Farnborough International Airshow.

Happy Flying!


  1. As a longtime fan of FWF I have enjoyed the versatile information on this site. As in the neverending quest for the perfect bag 🙂 or how to pack and travel with the utmost ease.
    Alas: This video is somewhat alarming. Why would you want to shoot into a window with blownout highlights in the left of the frame? Why dont’t you set up a couple of small lights to accentuate the face? A keylight and a hairlight will do wonder also for video. I can’t imagine that you would use this set-up for classic still-portrait, so why do you choose this evironment for a video?
    And OK, this may be do to limitations in time, budget and stock, but a clip like this would really benefit from a few secs of actual flying-frames, as a five minutes segment of a talking head is somewhat dull and boring.
    This is maybe nitpicking, but we all try to make gold out of gravel :=

    Keep up the good work!!

  2. Rune,

    Simple, I went to where the executive was, I had about a 10 minute heads up that I’d be shooting this video … and I am roughly 3,375 miles from a full kit bag was not initially required for this project. When you’re packing a quick-and-dirty kit that need to be flexible enough to be carried on your back for significant periods of time, that must include both still and video gear, specific redundant lenses remotes and glass from 12mm to 400mm you pack very differently.

    The video its self was actually very well liked by the client, the subject and those who were intended to see it. Personally, I like it. I also intentionally shot it with a slightly cooler white balance to meet the desired intended en look of the client.

    Happy Flying!


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