…and we’re back … thoughts after the Farnborough Airshow

Nearly two weeks ago I arrived in London for the combined marathon-&-sprint that is involved in creating social media content for a major aircraft manufacturer at one of the premier industry air shows in the world … the Farnborough Airshow.

Attending an air show as a spectator is great fun. Attending an industry sales event, disguised as an air show while creating specific content for a major aircraft manufacturer, while fun, is a blistering pace of logistics, nuances and dancing the line creativity and meeting corporate objectives.

In between creating social media content, shooting & editing video, creating still photos and juggling the schedules of political ministers and Sheikhs I got to do what I really enjoy doing … shoot photos, build a social media message … and of course hang out around planes.

The Farnborough Airshow really is a spectacular event as an airplane geek. The daily flying displays are unlike the usual weekend airships that take place all over the world. What makes this airshow unique, along with other major industry shows such as the Paris Air Show, are the aircraft performing flying displays.

At most airshows, spectators will be treated to some military aircraft … at the Farnborough Airshow not only were spectators treated to the spectacular flying displays of acrobatic flying teams, but also to daily military flying displays of the F-22, F/A-18, C-130 but also the amazing spectacle that is watching the Eurofighter Typhoon and brand new Airbus A400M that is not yet in service.

For airline geeks, like myself, watching the Airbus A380 fly low and slow over the crows is a really treat … but not as much of a treat of watching the Boeing 787-800 fly overhead. The Boeing 787 made its first international flight to attend the Farnborough Airshow, and being able to watch the aircraft take off and fly overhead was a wonderful treat.

For me the airshow was work, long hours, a lot of moving from place to place and developing and deploying content on deadline, but being able to check out private jets, spend time coming up with creative photos of planes and most of all watch the flying displays makes it all worth while.

Now that I am home and getting back to work, and completed a second trip to London only a day and a half after arriving home from my week long trip to London … I am getting back on track.

Below are a few of my favourite images shot during the Farnborough Airshow.

The first is a ‘portrait’ of the Bombardier Global 5000 private jet, followed by the Boeing 787 winging overhead, the Eurofighter Typhoon and finally a Bombardier Q400 NextGen. As a bonus…below the photos is a short tour video I shot of the Global 5000.

Happy Flying!

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