iPad App of the Week : Air Milage Calculator

Are you a mileage runner … or simply interested calculating your frequent flyer mileage accrual for an upcoming trip? Planning for frequent flyer mileage accrual can be straightforward in knowing the mileage of a flight, but quickly calculating in Fare-Class mileage percentages and Status Bonuses can be complicated on the run…

…if you’re a mileage junkie (or even just a member of a frequent flyer program), this week’s iPhone App of the Week is for you … this week’s iPhone App of the Week is Air Milage Calculator.

Air Milage Calculator allows users to calculate travel one-way or round trip and include a number of important factors.    These factors include the addition of frequent flyer status bonuses and fare class bonuses. For travelers flying flights that earn a 500-mile minimum, the App can also calculate 500-mile minimums and factor it into the total earned miles.

Air Milage Calculator’s bonuses calculator allows users to input their own individual percentage values, then calculate for both the total actual miles flown and the total miles to be earned with the bonuses included.

For frequent flyers on the metric system, Air Milage Calculator also allows for miles to be changed to kilometers.

While the Air Milage Calculator App works on both the iPad and the iPhone, the flight-legs map is only available on the iPad version of the Air Milage Calculator App.

Below are ten screen shots of the Air Milage Calculator from my iPad.

Happy Flying!

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