iPhone App of the Week : Airline Finder

Every airline’s most public billboard is the livery of their aircraft. Traveling to and through foreign airports and unfamiliar areas recognizing airline liveries can be a challenge.

For those with the curiosity to know all the airline liveries they spot, or to find out the livery of an airline they are unfamiliar with … this week’s iPhone App of the Week is for you.

This week’s iPhone App of the Week is Airline Finder.

Airline Finder puts the liveries of more than 700 airlines from the around the world at your fingertips.   This app displays detailed graphics of each airline’s primary livery, from major global airlines to tiny sub-regional airlines.

For those on the ground looking up at the sky, airline liveries can be searched by not only airline name, but also the county of airline origin and the primary colour of the tail.

Below are 10 images of Airline Finder from my iPhone, with 8 airline liveries from the App chosen at random.

Happy Flying!


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