iPad App of the Week : PocketTrav

It seems that all the good travel apps are designed for the iPhone, leaving iPad users out in the cold. The good news is that more travel apps are being released for iPad users … and this week’s iPad App of the Week is one of the new ones…

…this week’s iPad App of the Week is PocketTrav.

PocketTrav is a constantly growing source of traveller information…and while PocketTrav does not match its claims to cover every “country or city in the world,” it does cover most countries and it does provide an excellent resource for many cities around the world.

PocketTrav offers travelers the basics, including restaurants, hotels and what to do in a city or country, but it also delves into other import travel topics.  PocketTrav’s detailed break out topics for each country and city include how to get around places, breaks most cities down into districts with information on those districts are extremely informative and very handy for gathering information on the road.

For travel basics many areas within PocketTrav offer insights into history, common languages, safety & crime and respecting local cultures.

Need help while traveling? There is even a section listing the contact information for consulates in each country or region. A traveller should never need to contact a consulate, but there are times when that information can become critically important, especially in an emergency.

I have spent hours combing through the sections of PocketTrav and can detail this App in a long epic iPad App of the Week Post … but instead I’ll just suggest you check out on the iTunes App store for FREE!

Below are 18 screen shots of PocketTrav from my iPad.

Happy Flying!

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