Reader Mail : What Are Some Funny & Odd Airport Codes?

Airport codes, every commercial airport has a three letter airport code … and this week’s reader mail, from Dane in Philadelphia, asks “I know with all the possible three letter airport code combinations there must be some funny or odd airport codes. Do you know of any that make passengers chuckle?

Well Dane … as a matter of fact I can think of quite a few IATA Airport Codes that make passengers laugh or sometimes blush.

Before I dive into airport codes themselves, this reader mail comes right after I heard a funny airline code joke from Dan Webb, author of fellow blog Things In The Sky.   Dan says he wants to fly from Telluride, Colorado to Mexico City so he can fly the TEX-MEX route.

That said … I do know a photographer who has flown from Fresno, California to Fukuoka, Japan for a job … and found himself laughing when he realized he was flying from FAT to FUK.

OK … on with some funny and odd airport codes.

If you’re a fan of Bill The Cat, check out Nantucket in Massachusetts, its airport code  is “ACK!”

Love The Simpsons? Take a flight to Doha in Qatar and you’ll find yourself saying “DOH!”  You can also fly to Coquimbo in Chile and say “Don’t have a COW.”  I bet Homer Simpson would like Alpine Texas where he’d find himself landing at ALE.

Shocked easily? Head to Omega Airport in Nambia so you’re bag tags can be tagged with OMG!  Like to laugh? Then head to Derby Field in Pershing County, Nevada and you’ll find yourself at LOL.

Like to party? Head over to Tuvalu Island’s International Airport in the South Pacific and you’ll put your wheels down at FUN.

This one is for Mary Kirby who writes Flight Global’s Runway Girl blog … Pocos De Caldas Airport in Brazil is good for POO while Bolshoye Savino Airport in Perm Russia is for those who prefer PEE.

Looking for a good Mother’s Day trip? Check out Letfotar_Airport in Moudjeria Mauritania, it’s airport code is MOM.  Father’s Day is right after Mother’s Day … maybe a quick trip to Da Nang International Airport in Vietnam for DAD.

In a foul mood? Maybe check out Samcheok Airport in South Korea … it’s the SUK.  South Korea to far away? Then visit Sioux Gateway Airport in Sioux City Iowa, their slogan is “Fly SUX.”

Maybe you’re the CFO of a failing corporation? If so, check out New Caledonia’s Ile Ouen Airport and get an IOU.

Looking for a little something bawdy? Then visit Sembach Airport in Germany to find SEX.

Involved in a government conspiracy? You mind find answers at Rome’s Ciampino Airport … otherwise known as CIA.

Everyone loves pets (OK, not everyone, my brother especially) … but if you’re an animal lover check out Cat Island in the Bahamas to visit CAT or stroll over to Dongola Airport in the Sudan if you prefer a DOG.

Want to think dirty thoughts in a clean city? Then Changi International Airport is the place to be since its a SIN.

Alaska’s Summit Airport and Willow Airport make up a comment my daughter is likely to say UMM WOW.

I can go on … but I’ll leave you with Hati’s Les Cayes Airport … CYA!

Happy Flying!



  1. At the time i’ve read this post, another airport come to my mind. In fact, it’s not a airport code, it’s the name of the airport. It’s not working yet, still at the project phase. The name is “OR-GI Airport”. The name come from two cities, Ordu and Giresun where this airport will be built between. It’s in Turkey by the way.

    Lots of joke have been made up around the name 🙂

    p.s. Do i need to say why this name is odd? (OR-GI —> orgy)

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