Reader Mail : What’s It Really Look Like In The Cockpit?

This week’s Reader Mail comes from Jessica in Phoenix, AZ. Jessica asks “I just watched the United Airlines Twitter link from KTLA in the cockpit of a Boeing 747 and with the pilots sitting in their seats I can’t get a sense for all the screens and controls a pilot has in front of them. What’s it really look like in a cockpit of a modern jet?”

Well Jessica, I am not a pilot, however this past July I did shoot two videos for Bombardier Aerospace in the cockpits of their Lear 60xr and Bombardier Global 5000 corporate jets.

The description of the Lear 60xr Signature Series cockpit is more than two-and-a-half-minutes of being walked through the cockpit in significant detail. The Bombardier Global 500 cockpit is more of a brief overview.

The Lear 60xr range is approximately 2,700 miles, roughly Miami-Seattle non-stop and the Global 5000’s range is approximately 5,900 miles, a range slightly longer than Las Vegas to Osaka.

Hopefully these two videos give you a sense of what it really looks like in the cockpit of a modern jet.

Happy Flying!


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