iPhone App of the Week : AirTweets

There is one common fact about many of the apps I choose to highlight as my iPhone App of the week each week … it is that these apps are simple in function. The occasional complicated app shows up, but most apps are fairly singular in purpose. This week’s app is not different.

These week’s iPhone App of the Week is AirTweets.

AirTweets is simple, functional and ridiculously easy to use. So what is it that AirTweets does?  It is an app that streams the Twitter feeds for approximately 200 official airline accounts.   Users can seek out airline Twitter feeds by regions, which makes finding a specific Twitterstream easier to find.

Within AirTweets there are useful functions, such as the clicking on the camera icon to view a gallery of images that the airline has posted to Twitter and a one-stop link to the airline’s website.

There are some odd errors, such as listing Heathrow Airport’s twitter feed as an airline (as shown in the seventh photo below).

This app is fantastic for airline social media analysts, enthusiasts and those engaged within various channels of the airline and travel marketing and communications.

AirTweets is currently US$0.99 in the iTunes Store.

Below are eight screen shots of AirTweets from my iPhone.

Happy Flying!

(Click Images Below To Enlarge)


  1. Nice app. As suggested pretty cool to use.
    One other functionality that flyingfish had missed is, the facebook & wikipedia links for the airlines. This enables users to see the facebook profile & the wiki helped in getting the history & stats about the airlines.

  2. Just downloaded & I’m loving this. So many deals from so many airlines..I’ve been glued to Slickdeals for travel deals all these years & I must say this app is far superior in deal watching. Very simple to use

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