Pan Am : The World’s Most Experienced Airline

As I read a stream of press releases, marketing content and view promotional material created by the remaining legacy airlines in the United States I often find myself viewing their materials and realizing that I can mix-n-match airline names and the content because the airlines have forgotten how to spark traveller imagination.

Airline travel is no longer seen as an adventure, it is a chore. Marketing may be creative, but the content is about industry topics rather than setting a specific airline’s personality … and no longer do we see airlines getting right to the heart of making an emotional bond with their target audience.

Social media from some airlines makes a personal connection, and personalizes a brand … but no airline has yet to find a way to connect with passengers on a level Pan Am used to.

Airlines today are growing larger, their aircraft are more advanced, their route networks are moving in new directions and yet the airlines have yet to harness the power of pure imagination focused entirely on the airline that can fly them there …

Last year I wrote about Pan Am’s unique films that enticed travelers in this post – “Pan Am’s World” : A Film That Takes You Around The World In 24-Minutes. Today I am looking another, much shorter film, created by Pan Am. While this three-and-a-half minute film focuses on the Boeing 747SP, the cinematography and story line makes people want to fly Pan Am, experience the airline and explore the world in a way none of the largest airlines in the world today are able to do.

So if you’re in airline marketing, an airline enthusiast or a travel geek … clear the next 3min 32sec and watch Pan Am: The World’s Most Experienced Airline.

Happy Flying!


  1. @flyingwithfish:
    Sweet memories! I did a RTW trip in 1981, JFK-NRT leg was on PanAm 747SP, brutally long flight…

  2. I think one of the big differences now is that as a whole it is harder to impress people about aviation. When kids & post WW2, both my parents took the boat…yes the boat… from Australia to Britain, so the concept of flying Sydney-Singapore-Bahrain-London in the 70s was a major step up in all regards.

    Now, I flew that same route when I was 7, so as a kid, yup I was impressed, but overall, it is a bit of a yawn, we are so used to the concept of flying 8000+ miles non stop that even though the A380 & 787 are big changes, they aren’t really huge ground breaking changes in the overall scheme of things.

    Give me Sydney-London or Sydney-New York in an hour and then we are talking the ground breaking changes my parents experienced when going from weeks on a boat to a day on a plane.

    That being said, it was a pretty cool video.

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