iPhone Apps of the Week : Air France & KLM

An iPhone App I have been waiting to see since December (when I was authoring KLM’s Blog) was released a few days ago … and in tandem. Sure quite a few airlines have iPhone Apps now, but this is the first time two airlines have coordinated the release of essentially the same app with two very different designs.

Yes, Cathay Pacific and Dragon Air released the same App under two different names, but their iPhone Apps look identical, where as this single App looks quite different under two different brands.

This week’s iPhone Apps of the Week are Air France and KLM.

The Air France & KLM apps are both very straightforward and focused on giving travelers what they need at their fingertips … with one interesting added feature.  While the Air France & KLM apps can be used interchangeably … some aspects of both apps also incorporate Delta Air Lines aspects, such as checking flight status and timetables.

The big feature of both of these apps, for me at least, is the ability to not only check-in for a flight, or check-in and select your seat, but also check in an entire group traveling on a single record locator. This is great for those traveling with their family, or those who travel as a group for business.

For the cost conscious, both the Air France and KLM iPhone Apps also offer discounts for checked baggage fees, should a traveller handle their checked bag fees via the app.

Business travelers who change travel plans while in transit will enjoy the apps ability to both manage a booking as well as change portions of an itinerary via the Air France and KLM apps.  When I was commuting between Connecticut and California multiple times a week with frequent changes in my schedule, this is a feature I would have loved (you know, if airlines had Apps back then and Delta has this in their app … but the technology wasn’t there a few years ago).

For Air FranceKLM Flying Blue Members (which also includes those flying Air Europa, Tarom and Kenya Airways) the apps offer access to users Flying Blue frequent flyer accounts.

Air FranceKLM hopes to add the ability to book flights directly via their iPhones Apps shortly.

Both the Air France and KLM iPhone Apps are free at the iTunes Store.

Below are 20 screen shots of the KLM and Air France apps from my iPhone.

Happy Flying!

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  1. I think that both are great iphone apps, seeing as they allow users to check in without having to wait in line for an hour. That’s worth the price to me. But my question is, could the apps be hacked in order for people to check in even if they’re not at the airport?

  2. Charles

    No need to hack an iPhone App to print a bogus boarding pass … any many airports, security does not scan a boarding pass. An old saved online-check-in boarding pass saved a s PDF and altered in Photoshop will do the trick.

    I do not suggest this in anyway, it is quite illegal … but it works for getting past security.

    Happy Flying!


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