iPad App of the Week : National Geographic Magazine

This week’s iPad App of the Week really needs little introduction. If you read Flying With Fish then there is a high likelihood that you either love travel or photography … or both.  So … without further delay …

… this week’s iPad App of the Week is National Geographic Magazine.

National Geographic Magazine is easily spotted on any magazine rack, in any dentists office or in the hands of anyone on  plane. The magazine’s bright yellow border stands out … and its cover stands out even before you get to the amazing magazine contents.

Month after month, year after year, National Geographic Magazine publishes fantastic stories and some of the best collections of photographs in the world. The reputation of National Geographic Magazine expands worldwide and it should be mandatory reading for pretty much …. everyone.

The National Geographic Magazine iPad App allows readers to not only read the magazine each month, but also delve into the unique multi-media content embedded within the magazine’s contest.

While reading stories users can click a link to view specialized photographs, watch a video, review an expanded slideshow of images from a story, listen to audio commentary and even listen to interviews with National Geographic photographers.  Within stories there are links to view interactive maps or read expanded text to give you more from a magazine that is already filled with extensive and excellently reported stories.

The National Geographic iPad App brings an entirely new dimension to the already addicting content the magazine produces each month … and makes it even harder to put down a magazine that is already difficult to put down.

Essentially if you’ve ever wished you could get more from your National Geographic Magazine … here it is!

The National Geographic iPad App is free at the iTunes Store and a 1-year subscription is US$15 … and worth every penny!

Below are 13 images of the National Geographic Magazine App from my iPad

(NOTE: Some images below are notated)

Happy Flying!

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