iPhone App of the Week : AirportSearch

There are countless iPhone Apps for searching airfares, some for tracking mileage of routes and some apps or finding airports and airport codes. This week’s iPhone App combines the best search functions, with the ability to find airline-route options without a fare-search-engine telling you the obvious … plus it adds in some great travel geek information.

This week’s iPhone App of the Week is AirportSearch.

AirportSearch is an iPhone App based around Raima, Inc’s embedded database solutions … and gives travelers the power to see every airline serving a route, regardless of fares.  The AirportSearch iPhone App pulls its information from more than 9,000 airlines, 5,000 airports and 56,000 routes linking airports and airlines, which provides some significant resources for those seeking .

More than just searching for routes, users can gather information on specific airlines, airports and aircraft, which just really makes AirportSearch an awesome iPhone App.

Users can select an airport by name, city, IATA code, ICAO code … as well as search airlines by name, manufacturer, IATA code, ICAO code and a whole host of other search functions. Curious how many destinations an airline flies to? AirportSearch can deliver that information instantly.

So … flying from New York’s JFK Airport to London Heathrow? You can search every airline that flies the route, including code-shares and some unexpected options, such as Kuwait Airways.

Want  to know more about the airport? Click on the airport, see a map and specific info of the airport. Curious about the aircraft you’re flying … and maybe that aircraft’s wake turbulence? Yup, you can find that information out as well.

OK … the travel geek features are interesting … but really for travelers the ability to search airports by city is a very well designed feature, and the ability to see every airline, including code shares, flying a route opens up a world of possibilities when choosing flights between unknown city pairs.

Presently, AirportSearch is free on iTunes.

Below are 12 images of AirportSearch from my iPhone.

Happy Flying!

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