The Curious Case of Mexicana … I don’t think they’re done yet

Mexicana, the oldest continuously operating airline in the Americas flying under its original name, ceased operations on the 28th of August … and by the accounts of many analysts the airline is dead … except that it is not.

As I have recently written about Mexicana here – Mexicana Says Goodbye With Its Future Up In The Air … here – Mexicana: Dead Airlines Don’t Usually Negotiate Contracts … and here – Mexicana May Not Be As Dead As Analysts Suggest It Is … the airline’s death isn’t exactly cut and dry, the airline still has a pulse.

Now as Mexicana begins to fade from conversation, new and interesting developments are occurring behind the scenes … away from prying eyes … with all indications that we should in fact see Mexicana take to the skies in time for the peak holiday travel season that is just around the corner.

Since ceasing flight operations, Mexicana has continued to place order with Airbus for aircraft parts.   Generally an airline that is destined to be liquidated does not continue to order aircraft parts and maintain its aircraft for flight.

In addition to Mexicana continuing to order parts from Airbus, the airline and the Unions are negotiating to reduce the company workforce by approximately 3,900 employees and resize its fleet from just over 100 aircraft to an estimated 30 aircraft.  With these reductions, the airline is seeking to operate 17 international routes and only 6 domestic routes, with the majority of its service operating to the United States and Canada.

Mexican Labor Secretary Javier Lozano has acknowledged the Mexican Government will be involved in overseeing a collective bargaining agreement between Mexicana and its labour to ensure that job reductions comply with labour laws and that the process of reestablishing Mexicana goes smoothly.

… oh and have I mentioned that the OneWorld airline alliance has not removed Mexicana from their website or alliance information?

So … I wonder if UBS Financial is rethinking it stance that Mexicana will never fly again … then again … they may be right.

Happy Flying!


  1. No, I have been unable to find any real information on Mexicana’s frequent flyer program. Lots of speculation, no real answers.

    Happy Flying!


  2. I sure hope you’re right, and that we haven’t seen the end of Mexicana. Some of my most enjoyable flights have been on Mexicana, and, as a Professional Travel Advisor, I loved having access to good quality service into Mexico. I’ll be following your news!

  3. Hey Fish,

    Getting the parts may not be a big deal, as Mexicana also operates a huge MRO base. I would not be surprised if they come back, but who knows what that will ultimately look like.

  4. Eric,

    Yes, Mexicana operates an MRO division, one that had expected to open a second hanger at MEX in the third quarter of 2011 … however those plans are no shelved and from what I understand Mexicana is not presently working on any outsourced aircraft.

    Happy Flying!


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