AirplaneGeeks Episode 117 – Something Fishy Here

This week’s episode of Airplane Geeks appears to have an appropriate title, as I was the guest on the popular aviation podcast for the third time and my four appearances on the show.

Episode 117 has been titled “Something Fishy Here.”

If you have some time download Airplane Geeks from the site or on iTunes.  We discussed the United-Continental merger, Southwest’s acquisition of AirTran, why American Airlines merging with either US Airways or JetBlue may not be a good idea … as well as Iraq picking up some F-16s, Bombardier considering a new larger corporate jet and some other topics.

Unfortunately I could not stay for the whole show … but I am sure you’ll enjoy listing to Airplane Geeks … I know I do!

Check out Episode 117 here –

You can also follow the show’s hosts on Twitter at

Dan Webb – @danwebbage

Rob Mark – @JetWhine

Max Flight – @MaxFlight

David Vanderhoof – @DMVanderhoof

Its always fun getting to spend some time chatting with some of my favourite Airplane Geeks.

Happy Flying!

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