iPad App of the Week : FlightBoard

The ‘big board’ at the airport, its a familiar site for all who travel and all who end up going to the airport to pick up travelers.  What if you could take the big board on the road … and share with others? Now you can …

… this week’s iPhone App of the Week is FlightBoard.

If you have ever flown through Paris’s Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) and spotted the Arrivals & Departures ‘big board’ near the RER train station the design of FlightBoard may look familiar to you.

FlightBoard takes the classic, bold and easy to read design of CDG’s ‘big board’ and puts it on your iPad (or iPhone) with access to approximately 4,000 airports and 1,400+ airlines worldwide.   The easy to read layout of FlightBoard makes it ideal for quickly referencing flight status or finding gates for both arriving and departing flights. Users can toggle between departures and arrivals via the ‘ switch’ in the upper left hand corner.

Searching for a specific flight or airline? No problem, you can refine your search by typing in an airline’s name or IATA code (ie: JetBlue – B6, Delta Air Lines – DL, etc) in the upper right hand corner.

A feature of FlightBoard that I really have found fantastic is the App’s easy ability to share flight information with those that may be waiting for a passenger.  To share flight status information users simply tap their flight and are presented with the option to share their flight info with significant detail via e-mail, or shortened info for Twitter and Facebook.

For the plane spotting aviation geeks FlightBoard even includes cargo flights … something you won’t see on the ‘big board’ at a commercial airport.

FlightBoard is US$3.99 in the iTunes Store,

Below are 7 screen shots of FlightBoard from my iPad.

Happy Flying!

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