iPhone App of the Week : Flight Options

More often that not my iPhone Apps of the Week are for the every day traveller and 99% of the business road warriors … but this week’s iPhone App of the Week is for the ‘elite.’

This week’s iPhone App of the Week is Flight Options.

Flight Options is a private jet leasing and fractional jet ownership company in the United States, as well as offering on-demand access to private jets, purchased in 25hr blocks. Hawker 400xp JetCard costs a mere US$99,250 for a 25hr block, billed at US$3,970 per hour … and a Legacy 600 25hr block comes in at US$211,625, billed at US$8,465 per hour …

… so for those who want access to a private jet right now … this week’s iPhone App of the Week if for you!

The Flight Options App allows users to check aircraft specifications for Flight Options fleet, as well as search airport and FBO information to schedule flights as well as trip estimates and direct access to pricing.

On the go, Flight Options members, lessees and JetCard holders can arrange for a flight, as well as track flight, view flight arrival and departure date and most importantly … check their account information (no, there is no option to auto reload your account when it dips below US$35,000).

The Flight Options App has practical quick reference information useful to other travelers and private pilots as well.

The Trip Quote section allows users to search point-to-point airports and quickly get flight time and distance information, additionally the Airports section allows private pilots to quickly and easily find airports and FBO and find the companies providing services at these airports.

So … when you’re in search of your next fractional jet company … be sure to ask yourself … do they have an iPhone App that allows me to book a jet while sipping my latte at Starbucks?

The Flight Options App is free in the iTunes Store … JetCard memebership … just slighty extra.

Below are 14 screen shots of the Flight Options App from my iPhone.

Happy Flying (and if you’re in a Legacy 600 … I assure you it is happy flying)!

(Click Image Below To Enlarge)

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