iPad App of the Week : Malaysia Airlines MHmobile

This week’s iPad App of the Week is not earth shattering, it’s not even pretty to look at … but it stands alone among all other iPad Apps.

This week’s iPad App of the Week is Malaysia Airlines’ MHmobile.

MHmobile is the first iPad specific app released by an airline.   The MHmobile iPad app is identical to the MHmobile iPhone App … however the App is designed specifically for the iPad. Unlike utilizing an iPhone app on an iPad, there is no need to use the “2X” button to enlarge the app and deal the associated distortion on the screen.

MHmobile allows users book flights directly from their iPad, check flight status, view timetables, check current bookings, view frequent flyer information, find Malaysia Airlines offices and even track delayed baggage. MHmobile even allows users to link their travels to TripIt, Dopplr and Facebook.

So … while the MHmobile app is simple in design and function, and the app may not knock your socks off … I am thrilled that an airline has finally released an iPad specific app!

Below are 12 screen shots of Malaysia Airlines’ MHmobile from my iPad.

Happy Flying!

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