iPhone App of the Week : Rush

This week’s iPhone App of the Week has pretty much nothing to do with travel, airlines or photography … but I am pretty sure I can tie it all together somehow.

This Week’s iPhone App of the Week is Rush.

If you follow Flying With Fish on Twitter (@flyingwithfish) it is more than likely you’ve seen my references to the Canadian music legends who make up the band Rush.  Over the past few years I have managed to sneak a few Rush references into Flying With Fish as well (such as HERE and HERE) … and with this week’s iPhone App of the Week I do it again.

The Rush App is above all else a fantastic App for those who like Rush … and given that Rush has more consecutive Gold & Platinum studio albums than all other bands, except for the Beatles and Rolling Stones, you might be a Rush fan as well.

The most noticeable feature of the Rush App is the 40 or so Rush songs included in App, just like iTunes, users can listen to the music in the background while doing other things with their iPhones.   Each song comes with interesting facts about the song from the band, an absolute must for aficionados of Rush’s music.

Other features of the Rush App include news about the band and its tour dates … and for those going to shows … the Rush App offers places of interest around venues.  If you travel to see a show, the App will point you in the direction of hotels; things to do and places to stay near the venue.

… and of course the most overlooked feature of the Rush App … the Bobble Heads. If you like the Rush Bobble Head dolls that show up on the big screen at Rush shows of Neil, Geddy and Alex you can have them on your iPhone! Want to make your Bobble Head come to life? Just tap them and watch them bobble away.

OK … so how does Rush tie into Flying With Fish?  Easy …

1) One of Rush’s most popular songs is YYZ, named for Toronto International Airport (now Toronto Pearson International Airport). The airport code for Toronto Int’l Airport is YYZ.

2) Neil Peart, Rush’s legendary drummer, chose to have his signature drumsticks numbered “747

3) Rush has numerous songs about travel and foreign cultures, such as Dreamline and Tai Shan

4) The band is made up of three nerds … really … they are.

The Rush App is US$2.99 in the iTunes Store

Below are 8 screen shots of the Rush App from my iPhone.

Happy Flying!

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