Is The TSA Humourless? There’s evidence to the contrary

A week ago Peter Shankman an entrepreneur & social media professional (who I really think of more as a life coach for corporations) made a comment to his 90,000+ followers on Twitter that summed up the feelings of many people regarding the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Peter quipped:

“Your TSA. Providing the complete illusion of security as humorless theater since 2001.”

While I won’t nitpick that the TSA wasn’t completely phased in to handle airport security within the United Stated until 19-November-2002 and I won’t take this moment to debate the pros and cons of the TSA’s procedures … but I have to challenge the ‘humourless’ sentiments.

Sure you might not see much humour on the front lines, but for those who have downloaded the TSA’s iPhone App, My TSA, which I reviewed as my iPhone App of the here HERE, or used the TSA’s mobile site (, there is humour hidden beneath the surface.

If you search the App or Mobile Site under the “Can I Bring” section, type in “Light Saber.

Yes …Light Saber, as in the weapon of choice by both Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader and you might be surprised by what pops up.

Oh … and if you happen to want to bring a Light Saber onto your flight as carry on, there’s an App for that, which by the way I also reviewed as an iPhone App of the Week HERE).

Below is a screen shot of Light Saber from the My TSA iPhone App.

Happy Flying!



  1. Well they have improved during the years, they smile sometimes and even crack a joke or a funny comment. My policy is thanks for the humor but I never know when they will revert back to original state (humorless).

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