iPhone App of the Week : KLM Converter

Travelers the world over face similar complications when dealing with conversions in currency, clothing sizes, how distance is measured and other basics information we all rely on every day.

This week’s iPhone App of the Week addresses the basic conversion needs of travelers, regardless of where they are coming from and regardless of where they are heading.

This week’s iPhone App of the Week is KLM Converter.

Following hot on the heals of the release of Air FranceKLM‘s pair of iPhone Apps for their travelers, which I wrote about HERE, KLM Converter offers travelers a tool kit that makes all the conversions a traveler could possibly need simple to instantly calculate.

OK … granted numerical conversions are hardly glamourous …  but as a traveler there are countless times I have found myself needing to convert all sorts of information.  Aside from currency and distance, I think one of the most useful converters for travelers is clothing … sure logically a Men’s Small t-shirt should be a Men’s Small t-shirt around the world … however if I am buying my daughter a small t-shirt in the US, I am buying her a size 87 t-shirt in Paris.

Some of the conversions offered in the KLM Converter App include currency, clothing sizes, shoe sizes, temperatures, speed, length, weight, volume, area, volume … and even liquid volume.

The KLM Converter App is a useful tool whether on the road or at home … and it’s Free in the iTunes Store.

Below are ten screen shots of KLM Converter from my iPhone

Happy Flying!

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