Give Up Your Upgraded Seat To Those Who Serve … and more …

Today is Veterans Day in the United States … and it is also the day the armistice was signed to end World War I … “The war to end all wars” … back in 1918.

So, for those of you flying today who have been given an upgraded seat, whether you’re flying in the United States or somewhere else in the world, might I suggest offering your big seat up front, or exit row seat with more leg room, or spacious bulkhead seat to those flying in uniform.

I don’t care if its a U.S. serviceman or servicewoman, Canadian, British, Egyptian, French, Australian, Japanese … etc etc etc, these men and women, regardless of where they are from, put on the uniform of their nation’s military to serve and defend those from their homeland.  This is a sacrifice that should be remembered every day … and I personally have given up my upgrades to those in uniform many times to say Thank You.

If you have lounge access and see a member of the military with a long wait for their flight, bring them into the lounge as your guest.  Let them relax because their job is often thankless and stressful in many ways.

Remember to do this when you can … not just today on Veterans Day … but every time you travel when the opportunity presents its self.

To those who serve, not only in the military, but also as police officers, firefighters and those in the Emergency Medical Service … regardless of where you are from and where you serve … Thank You.

Happy Flying!


  1. I agree with Doug being a serving army reservist and ex regular army guy it would good if this idea was taken up by the mainstream media and the airlines think people who read your blog would do this anyway I hope

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