Fish Lets You Directly Question An Airline Executive!

The airline industry has its ups and downs, its lovers and its haters and if nothing else … everyone seems to want the chance to grill an airline top executive.  Well … Flying With Fish is giving you the chance to do just that!

Starting today through both this blog and my Twitterstream (@FlyingWithFish) an airline executive is on the Fishhook to answer your questions!  Julian Carr (@jjfcarr), BMIBaby’s (@BMIBaby_com) Managing Director will answer whatever questions you can throw at him!

BMIBaby, based in the East Midlands of England, is the low cost carrier division of BMI flies to 32 cities in 12 countries throughout Europe.   While BMIBaby is part of BMI, the airline operates its own Boeing 737 fleet … where as BMI mainline is all Airbus at this time and has its own unique personality.

Before joining BMIBaby, Julian worked with rival UK low cost carrier, low cost carrier MyTravelLite (now part of Thomas Cook Airlines) and the IATA.

So … come on, take the gloves off and let the questions flow!

You know you have questions you want to ask … like how didn’t the airline realize it’s carry-on baggage templates were flawed in being smaller than the actual allowable size?; how the airline allows members to earn miles and grant status through its Star Alliance frequent flyer program … but the airline its self is not part of Star Alliance?; how they plan to grow continue to battle the challenges of competing with EasyJet and Ryanair ?;how the executives can sleep at night knowing that everything costing extra generates million for the airlines while emptying out the pockets of its passengers?; why the airline industry’s customer service rating on the whole has a lower approval rating than the American version of Top Gear?

If its airline related … ask it!

You can post your questions in the comments section of this post, or Tweet me your question at @flyingwithfish and use the hashtag of “#askbmibaby” … if you have room at the end of your 140 charters feel free to add @BMIBaby_com onto the tweet.

The answers from Julian should be posted on Flying With Fish on the 13th of December.

Happy Flying!


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