Versihold : An iPhone Travel Essential

How to hold your iPhone while watching a movie on a flight … it’s a problem that has plagued users since all the way back to June 29 2007 (OK, its not that long ago) … but now there is a solution that is better than most others.

The Versihold Personal Media Stand is an ideal mini-tripod for comfortably watching videos on the iPhone.  Unlike many other iPhone stands, the Versihold allows users to easily adjust the pitch of their iPhone screen to make viewing easy and relaxing rather than requiring iPhone movie watchers to adjust their head to find a comfortable viewing angle.

The Versihold’s sturdy tripod design, its quick ability to adjust and fine tune the viewing angle and its extremely east ‘packability’ set the gadget part from its competitors.   Versihold’s simple design is proof that a design need not be over complicated to be effective.

The design of the Versihold allows for it to be used with a number of other devices, including many Droid and Blackberry devices.

Unlike the few other iPhone media stands companies have sent me to demo … this one has found its way into my bag rather than into the bin of “things I’ll never use again.”

Below is a photo of my iPhone and the Versihold happily working together on board a JetBlue Airbus A320.

Happy Flying!


  1. I too have used (and discarded) dozens of iPhone stands. Questions for you:

    Is it primarily metal or plastic?

    How wide will it open? I use an Otterbox Defender on my iPhone 4 and not every “universal” accessory will squeeze it in.

    Any chance of supporting a smaller DSLR on this thing?

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention!


  2. Jeff,

    The Versihold is plastic. One thing to note is the ‘loop’ on top intended to making opening the Versihold easier breaks off easily. I actually prefer the Versihold with this loop ‘removed’ and have sanded it down. It makes packing easier and does not impact the actual use of the gadget at all.

    I am not familiar with the Otterbox products, other than having seen them a few times, so I am not sure if the Otterbox would fit in the Versihold. My Phillips ‘bumper’ is no problem, but I believe the Otterbox is a bit bigger.

    While the Versihold can hold a small P&S, an SLR is out of the question with the current design.

    Happy Flying!


  3. Steve, we’d be happy @Versihold to replace the product that had an issue. We guarantee our Versihold Grips to stand up to the rigors of world travel.

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