iPad App of the Week : Flipboard

After being noticeably absent for the past few weeks from Flying With Fish as I focused primarily on aviation security stories I am happy to bring back the iPad App of the Week series. I ‘ve missed writing the Apps of the Week … so hopefully I’m done being side tracked for now.

I am not sure what I can say about this week’s iPad App of the Week that hasn’t already been said. This week’s iPad App of the Week has been wildly successful and I kept putting off writing about it for some reason or another …

… so without further delay this week’s iPad App of the Week is Flipboard.

Flipboard is an App that has been a runaway sensation for one reason … it’s so darn functional and easy to use! The App’s design of turning social media into a magazine format is brilliant, especially if you’re like me and follow a lot of journalists.

For those of you unfamiliar with Flipboard, the app is designed to allow users to not only consume content generated through their social media channels, but also interact with that content via Twitter and Facebook and also share that content with others.

I absolutely love being able to read content, comment on the content and share that content all from one incredibly easy to use interface.  Everything you want, and could want , for following your social media favorites can be found on Flipboard.  Magazine article from a Tweet? Easy. YouTube? It’s embedded right in there. The user comments about the content? Is all right there next to the content.

One of the best features of Flipboard, that tends to be overlooked, is not only how easy navigating the App is, but also how easy it is to add new feeds. As soon as something strikes your fancy … click it … add it … done.

Regardless of whether you’re a big consumer of social media content or a small consumer of social media content Flipboard will completely alter how you view, follow and interact with social media content.

Below are twelve screen shots of Flipboard from my iPad.

Happy Flying!

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