… and we’re back …

Well I’m back from my few days away from Flying With Fish. A lot of things have happened, as they always do, and a lot of topics have come up, so I am going to do my best to spend the next few days writing about stories that I wanted to get to in the past 10 days … stories that impact travelers and even a story that’ll make you smile.

With snow on the ground delaying flights and my next four flights this week scheduled through four airports that have all been plagued with snow, delays and cancellations, I should have some time to catch up on my quick break from Flying With Fish.   My delays (and hopefully not cancellations) should give me some time to write up some new blog posts on a travel vest that’ll change how you pack, a pair of comfy in-ear head sets for walking through the airport and a laptop that’ll make working on even the smallest commuter plane more enjoyable.

Oh yea … and to kick things off, I’ll be diving into the Transportation Security Administration once again.

Happy Flying!


  1. John,

    There coming … Flying With Fish got delayed for various reasons this month. Its all getting back on track.

    Thanks for following up!

    Happy Flying!


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