Bombing Kills 30+ At Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport

Moscow’s Domodedovo International Airport (DME), 26 miles southeast of Moscow, was torn apart by a bomb blast earlier today at 4:37pm MSK, in the international arrivals lounge.

The explosion is believed to be set off by at least one suicide bomber, although police believe the blast area is potentially from more than one bomb. The blast killed a confirmed 31 people, with more than 130 others being injured.

Despite the explosion quickly filling the terminal with smoke and the airport being evacuated, miraculously Domodedovo has now reopened for service for flights just a few hours after the terrorist attack.  Russian news outlet reports that flights for this evening are departing on time.

Domodedovo overhauled it’s security in 2004 following two Chechen suicide bombers breaching security at the airport, then boarding Volga-Aviva Express Flight 1303 and Siberian Airlines Flight 1047. The suicide bombers blew up both aircraft, killing the 89 passengers on the two domestic flights.  The security overhaul at Domodedovo makes the airport one of the most modern airports in terms of security in Russia.  The airport now services an estimated 22,000,000 passengers annually as the largest airport serving Russia’s capital and serves as a hub for two major Russian airlines, Transaero and S7.

As with many terrorist attacks on a transportation infrastructure security at Domodedovo will be called into question and despite the fact that this attack is likely another targeted Chechen attack on Moscow, like others carried out in the city… we may all fee security increases at other international airports around the world.

For those who believe your family or friends may have been impacted by the Domodedovo terrorist attack, you can call the Domodedovo Emergency Phone Line at +7495 363-61-01 or +7 495 644-40-56

Not everyone was in shock by today’s terrorist attack at Domodedovo. Russian taxi drivers have jacked up taxi fares this evening at the airport for those seeking to travel from the airport into the city. Average taxi fares from Domodedovo to Moscow typically run US$50, this evening they were averaging as high as US$700.

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