Your Paradise Vacation Has Been Canceled Due To Ash

Bali … just the name of the Indonesian island, situated at the west end of the Lesser Sunda Islands, evokes visions of a vacation paradise.  Visions of blue skies, endless beaches and volcanic ash belching into the sky …

… no wait, I’m pretty sure volcanic ash belching into the sky was not in the tourist brochure.

As a volcanic eruptions from Mount Bromo continue in East Java, airlines from Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Pacific  have canceled flights to the Island paradise of BaliAlthough Ngurah Rai International Airport (DPS) remains open, with continued domestic flights operating on schedule, long-haul airlines that operate flights that could encounter the volcanic ash cloud created by Mount Bromo are canceling their flights.

While Mount Bromo’s eruptions are only throwing ash a relatively short distance of 1,000 meters, high winds can shift that volcanic ash into the atmosphere. Ash from volcanoes is extremely hazardous to aircraft engines, having previously caused a number of in-flight stalls of planes.

So if you had sandy beaches on your mind … consider Tahiti over Bali for the next week or two.

Happy Flying!


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