FlightBlogger Digs Up “Building The 747-100” … the movie!

If you like commercial airliners there is one journalist you should be reading on a daily basis … Jon Ostrower.

Jon, the brilliant author behind Flightglobal’s FlightBlogger, covers Boeing like no one else. Not only does Jon get into every nook-and-cranny of what is going on with Boeing’s commercial airplanes, but he does it a way that is unrivaled by anyone else. On top of Jon’s aviation journalism brilliance, he is among the top people in the food chain of aviation geeks, especially with his regular feature on FlightBlogger, “Movie Monday.”

Yesterday, the day after the new Boeing 747-8i was unveiled, Jon unveiled a classic 53min 17sec documentary about building the original Boeing 747, the 747-100.

So … grab some popcorn, dim the lights … click the link below …  and watch the building of the Boeing 747-100.

… oh and follow Jon on Twitter at @FlightBlogger

Happy Flying!

Building The 747-100


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