Five Hardcore Airplane Geek Blogs You Should Be Reading

I am well aware that many who read Flying With Fish are airline and travel enthusiasts and quite a few photogs wondering where my content for them has gone (and I’ll have some for them shortly) … but there are also quite a few airplane geeks who like the hardcore geek content.

Well … Flying With Fish isn’t intended to cover the in-depth hardcore nuts and bolts geek content, but that’s not to say I don’t read it daily. So for those readers who like the in-depth airplane geek content, these are the five blogs I read on a regular basis that should satisfy your need to dig into the true geek information you seek.

1) FlightBlogger – FlightBlogger is written by Flightglobal’s Jon Ostrower. Jon is most certainly one of the smartest journalists out there covering the commercial aerospace industry. Jon’s primary area of coverage is Boeing, and when it comes to the Boeing 787, 747-8 and the news on Boeing’s next aircraft, he has the story first and often better than anyone else. You can read Flightblogger on Flightglobal’s site at:

2) Things With Wings – AviationWeek’s Things With Wings blog is unique in that a single person does not write it, it is written by AviationWeek’s staff. The Things With Wings blog covers a wide range of topics, from technical to political when it comes to the global commercial aerospace industry. My one warning regarding reading Things With Wings is this … you may find your self sucked in for more than an hour reading stories. You can read Things With Wings here:

3) Things In The Sky – Things In The Sky’s author Dan Webb is meticulous and uses that meticulousness to present numbers, graphs and statistics on the airline industry in an interesting and informative way that may normally be mind numbingly boring. Dan’s coverage of the financial side of the commercial airline industry is second to none … despite being a Junior in college, I find his financial coverage of the airline industry often superior to that of The Financial Times and The Wall Street Journal … and I’m not the only one who things this. You can read Things In The Sky here:

4) Airline Reporter – David Parker Brown’s Airline Reporter is well written, insightful and just fun to read. While Airline Reporter’s coverage often focuses on Boeing, as David is based in Seattle, the blog covers a wide range of airline topics, often delving into the technical aspects of the industry with excellent commentary and a unique view of the industry. Airline Reporter is a blog I read daily, generally with out exception … and you might find yourself reading it daily as well. Check out Airline Reporter at:

5) Runway Girl – Runway Girl is written by Flightglobal’s Senior Editor Mary Kirby and covers the niche area of the commercial aerospace industry no one really thinks about but everyone experiences. Runway Girl covers aircraft interiors and in-flight entertainment and connectivity. All flyers have an interest in an airplanes seats and in-flight entertainment and Runway Girl’s coverage of this niche segment of the aerospace industry is executed brilliantly and in a way that brings even those who are not hardcore airplane geeks into the fold of reading what she writes. You can read Runway Girl at:

Happy Flying!


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