Air New Zealand & Richard Simmons Get Serious About Safety

Back in May 2009 Air New Zealand released an ad that got everyone’s attention, this ad features crew, staff and the CEO wearing nothing.  Well OK those in the ad are wearing body paint, but that’s it.  How could Air New Zealand top featuring its staff nude in its ads? That is a difficult act to follow … but somehow the airline has managed to top itself!

Air New Zealand has released a new in-flight safety video that really can’t be ignored. I know, all you semi-frequent and frequent flyers are rolling your eyes … but before you let out that sigh while rolling your eyes check out their safety demo video featuring none other than the hysterical fitness guru Richard Simmons.

Prepare for the first truly entertaining in-flight safety video you have ever seen.

My hat is off to the brilliant minds at Air New Zealand for someone managing to one up themselves!

Happy Flying!



  1. No … Phil would make you run around the plan and find hidden seat belts and challenge your fellow passengers for a life vest.

    Happy Flying!


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