Harry Shearer (AKA: ‘Mr. Burns’) Takes On TSA Pat Downs

While you might not know the name Harry Shearer you certainly know his voice … as he is best known as the voice of Mr. Burns, Ned Flanders, Principal Skinner, Lenny, Otto, Mr. SmithersDr. Hibbert and countless others on The Simpsons for more than 20 years.

Not a fan of The Simpson (and is anyone really not a fan of The Simpsons)? Then maybe you know Harry Shearer from Rob Reiner’s 1984 faux documentary This Is Spinal Tap

… if you don’t know The Simpsons or This Is Spinal Tap then fair warning … you may find the contents of this post either confusing or offensive …

… but anyway, Mr. Shearer a man of many voices and a brilliant sense of absurd humour has released a hysterical music video poking fun the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) enhanced pat downs.

For those of you interested in a serious view of a TSA enhanced pat down, read this recent blog post by fellow BoardingArea blogger Marshall JacksonA Little More About That Enhanced Patdown … and for those of you who just want a good laugh, click the video below.

Happy Flying!


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