Cookie Monster Ponders United & Continental Merger

POST EDITED 30-APRIL-2011 at 9:25am EST : This post erroneously originally stated the video in this post was created by Jon Ostrower. The post is corrected to reflect that Jon posted a video created by ‘Jetsetter.’


Flightglobal’s Jon Ostrower, author of FlightBlogger, posted a video, from ‘Jetsetter,’ today that ponders the United Airlines – Continental merger through the perspective of Cookie Monster.


Like many others, I missed United Airlines’ familiar “tulip” logo, which has been replaced by Continental’s “globe.” Now with three different liveries gracing the planes of the United Airlines fleet, Jon’s choice of matching Cookie Monster to the multiple United Airline’s liveries is brilliant.


Sure the actual video quality isn’t the best and Jetsetter might not win an Emmy Award …but this video is sure to make you crack a smile.


Happy Flying!



  1. Le Sigh. Another troll post from FwF…

    I could explaining seeing as the video was shot in Houston that every other plane had the globe logo. I could explain why it saves money to use the globe or how the globe has a better perception. But would any of that matter, probably not.

    The video is about as insightful as it is well made, which is to say neither.

  2. A quote from FwF’s twitter, “@colpuck Do have any grasp of the of the English language or is it just a severe comprehension problem in understanding the written language.”

    You consult on social media, correct? Do you tell your clients to insult people who don’t agree with your viewpoints?

    Thought not.

  3. John,

    “Another troll post,” your grasp of the word “troll” in the realm of the internet appears skewed. A troll is generally someone who off topic and inflammatory comments, often anonymously, in online forums and other internet conversational channels. Given that Flying With Fish is my blog, I can’t really be off topic and since this blog post isn’t inflammatory in anyway, not to mention the post isn’t made anonymously, explain how this is a troll post.

    That said, United Airlines began primarily repainting the Continental aircraft with the United livery first for two reason, the first being the cost effectiveness of simply changing Continental to United, and to begin removing the Continental brand from the skies. However, this video is just funny … and sometimes its OK to laugh and not over analyze the branding and ROI factors in changing the livery and in deciding the surviving brand name and surviving brand livery.

    Happy Flying!


  4. John,

    Your current comments, along with previous comments on this blog, have shown a distinct disconnect in grasping the English language, or reading comprehension in general. This post for example offered no business opinion, just the statement that I, like others, miss the United Tulip. This is not a judgment call, or economics or branding opinion.

    Before you post you may want step back and say to yourself “if this a serious post or a funny post.”

    Happy Flying!


  5. Steven,

    I guess when I see you make inaccurate posts, I feel compelled to comment. For example with this video, it’s not funny for one, and inaccurate for another. I figure you know this and therefore you are just making these posts to troll the internet.

    The concern isn’t for you, it is the fact that some people may believe the farcical information you publish. I know better.

    Seriously, pro-tip. don’t insult people over twitter if you expect to use twitter to market your business.

    Just a thought,

    Happy Flying!

  6. Congratulations to Those Individuals Who Get to Associate with Colpuck!!!

    I am sincerely jealous as he sounds like a very fun and humorous individual.

    Taking a serious and critical stand on airline liveries is absolutely simething of grave concern to the flying public (the readers of this blog) and we won’t put up with any jokes from Cookie Monster. I’m sure all are as deeply offended as I am.


    United: Gold
    Continental: Gold
    Delta: Diamond

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