We’re Back & A New Blog Is Born

Over the past few months there have been many topics I sought to write about on Flying With Fish regarding airline, aerospace and travel social media, however these topics never really fit the content people have come to expect on Flying With Fish.


A few weeks ago while working on an airline social media project I found myself at a cross-roads pondering how to fit the content I felt compelled to write about, that I had been saving in my drafts folder, into Flying With Fish.   Along with this need to figure out the direction of my content I needed to create a sustainable blogging schedule, one that didn’t conflict with other obligations. So, needing to figure out the direction this blog was going to take and how I was going to ensure it would continue to be written,  I took a step back.


Over the past week a decision was made, a writing schedule was created and Flying With Fish will keep on soaring in the direction it is has been following. The content I have been writing that focuses only on airline, aerospace and travel social media is coming to life at TheTravelStrategist.com.


I have been transferring files from my drafts folder to TheTravelStrategist.com for the past few days, fleshing some of the blog posts out and while the site remains under ‘reconstruction’ as it is transformed from a static website to a blog … it is now open for business and has replaced the old site that was there.


I will likely cover some industry social media topics on Flying With Fish in the future, as I have in the past, but now that this speed bump has been flattened out, I look forward to getting back to writing about airlines, annoying passengers, the Transportation Security Administration … and hopefully find the time to get back into the rhythm of writing about iPhone and iPad Apps.


Happy Flying!


  1. Brian,

    I have been trying to figure out how to work photography back into the regular content. I have roughly half a dozen regular topics I’d like to get back into regular rotation, with photography being near the top of that list.

    Right now I am working to build a schedule for subject content. I am increasingly balancing writing Flying With Fish against other professional obligations.

    For photography I’m trying to find the time to write about maximizing a basic kit for travel , reducing space & weight for editing and sharing photos, the new Filterstorm App, two new bags that I think are great for traveling (they are quite different) and building complex itineraries to see more while on the road.

    Happy Flying!

  2. I’ll second that… my big interest is traveling with photographic gear. The general stuff is nice, but photography is why Flying with Fish is on my bookmark bar.

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